Kraut or KimCheese Sandwich - House of Ferments
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Kraut or KimCheese Sandwich

Butter for pan
Sliced bread (preferably sourdough)
Melting cheese sliced (Lifeline Creamery cheddar, pepperjack, Montzarella, or your cheese of choice)
Any variety of House of Ferments Kraut or Kimchi
Heat skillet over medium low heat.  Add butter to coat the pan, place bread in pan, add a layer of cheese, add a layer of kraut or kimchi, add another layer of cheese, then top with another slice of bread.  Cook until cheese begins to melt, flip to cook both sides evenly and melt cheese evenly.  Remove from pan and serve hot.   
Variations:  Add an egg for a breakfast sandwich, or add bacon and/or kale or other local greens for an ultimately satisfying sandwich.
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